Random notes

My lunch was so delicious, I felt the need to immortalize it for you. Multigrain bread, dijon honey mustard, cherry tomatoes, cheddar cheese. Toasted to melty goodness. Along with a few other random moments from around here — the Eglantyne roses continue to bloom splendidly (it’s about to get cold here, so that may not last). Me and Kavi in the hammock, taking a break in our homework reading to send Kevin a picture, now that we’ve figured out how to do iMessaging through the entire family (useful for asking the children to bring you things when you’re too lazy to go up and down stairs). Kavi’s attempt at decorating cookies with old icing — it was stiff and/or goopy and difficult to work with, but she had fun anyway.img_1217 img_1215 img_1216 img_1133

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