From the Quick Sips review of my new story, “Plea”: “This is a wrenching story of intolerance and conflict, of being displacing. Of seeking safety and distance away from a violent situation. Of a plea for sanctuary. It features Gwen and her wife Rose and their children on a mostly-water world where humans are the guests of an aquatic race that deplores violence. The humans don’t have such qualms, and are divided among those who have remained “pure” and those who have modified themselves to better adapt to the environment, to become more aquatic. The story is about the terror of sudden shifts, of mobs forming, about sudden simmering resentment becoming full blown violence and bigotry and death…”

Full review:…/quick-sips-lightspeed…

The story is available for purchase in Lightspeed’s October issue now, and will be online 10/25:

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