Whew — I was really worried that the process of unwinding the morning glory from the shrubs it’d got entangled with and rewinding it onto the porch might break off all the flower buds — but a day later, looking great! Yay. 🙂 I think this variety is Grandpa Ott’s.


Is it just me, or are fuchsias almost *too* decorative? They’ve got the bicolored thing, the ruffles, the dependent stamens, all combining to this explosion of frivolous delight, and sometimes I kind of want to say, “Ladies! Take it down a notch! You don’t have to try so hard…”

(I think this variety is Hula Girl.)


Plan for today — get dressed and go teach, first. I have papers due in both classes, so I am expecting students will be a little incoherent re: the readings for discussion, which is fine. We will cope. A goodly number will also likely trail in late, bearing tales of printer woe. A teacher who plans a critical lecture for the day papers are due is perhaps not the kindest of teachers.

Then come home, go to gym to meet with trainer (usually on Mondays, but rescheduled due to arm and back soreness after doing a lot of heavy stuff hauling on Sunday). Come home, shower and dress and go back into the city to have dinner with Crystal Huff and another friend and Jed, after which we are all going to HAMILTON! Discounted tickets thanks to the planning skills of Ada Palmer, all glory to her name. 

The question is — should I listen to the soundtrack and read the lyrics beforehand? I did buy it a while back, but haven’t actually listened to it yet (aside from the first two songs, the ones they performed at The White House).

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