Knit two, garden one?

Knit two rows, fixed the garden club website finally (been on my to-do list forever), time to go back to sleep? No. Pancakes for the family, getting some bulbs in the ground, helping a friend for a few hours. Either today or tomorrow, I need to revise chapter 12 of Tremontaine. I think probably tomorrow, as I’m feeling rather brain-fuzzy today.

I may have expended all my mental energy on learning to play Terra Mystica yesterday, which I really enjoyed. It feels like someone took Settlers and Ticket to Ride and Agricola and a few other games and threw them all together into one massive board game. Funny. Thanks to Kat and Jed for playing with me, and apologies to everyone else (NaraMichelleTerri LynneElliott, etc.) whom I basically ignored at game night last night; it’s a complex game, and while I think game play will be relatively easy going forward, learning it definitely took some concentration! But lots of fun, and I’m hoping to play it again soon. 

Thanks to Kevin, who bought it for us….oh, ten years ago, I think, when I was pregnant with Kavi and a little stir-crazy. He bought a few games for us then, but then we ran out of time to actually play them. It feels like a good sign, that there’s time in my life to play complicated board games again. I do sometimes wonder what happened to the last ten years….

(I know, children happened. I know.)

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