I have nothing scheduled today. Literally, nothing I have to do at a particular time. I am staring at the calendar in disbelief.

I will, of course, actually do stuff. Anand’s birthday party is tomorrow, so sometime before then, I’ll go get groceries and cook some curries (because apparently my brain thinks that even if I’ve invited people over for pizza and cake, everyone will be happier if there are also some curries on offer). Anand has requested cupcakes and donuts, so¬†those should get picked up too. I’ll count up the kids attending and make goody bags, and try to figure out if there’s enough helium left in the tank to inflate a Pikachu. Kavi asked if we can make a balloon forest for Anand tonight, which entails buying a host of yellow balloons, blowing them up, and tying them to things on the ground. I have two roses to plant, a rose arch to assemble and install, and lots of allium bulbs to get in the ground. I am supposed to exercise at some point today, and I might even write a little. I have various short story ideas poking at me.

But still. I don’t have anything actually on the clock, that I have to do at a particular time, which has not been true for….oh, two solid months, I think? Amazing.

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