Had a really long working day yesterday — basically worked from the time I got up at 6 a.m. until 11 p.m. on either teaching, grading, revising, helping with homework, or domestic tasks (cooking dinner and laundry; Anand was out of undies, so the latter was necessary). V. tired by end of day, and then for some unknown reason, slept badly. When the children were slow in getting dressed this morning, after repeating myself several times, I asked them to PLEASE get moving, and then promptly burst into tears. I really don’t cope well with lack of sleep; it’s amazing to me that I survived their infancy.

They were very apologetic and came over to hug me better, and I’m okay now, but also going to try to take it easier today. All that’s on the schedule is a) work on the novel revision (I’m really so close), b) go into campus for a meet-and-greet lunch, c) finish the novel revision, and d) go to the gym, and e) take the Girl Scouts to Thatcher Woods for an hour. I can do that.

But first, I’m going to spend an hour drinking tea, knitting, and watching Star Trek re-runs.

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