Ahoy, mateys! It’s talk like a pirate day, ye scallywags of the sea! As for me, I’ll be settin’ my sails this day towards readin’ subs and revisin’ the novel, tryin’ to get it all shipshape. I can see the end of the novel in sight — thar she blows! My great white whale — hopefully she’ll bring me a better fate than Ahab’s. Wish me fair winds for the day’s endeavors and safe harbor at sunset, and I’ll wish the same to ye all. Let’s weigh anchor and hoist the mizzen! Heave ho, buckos! All hand hoay!

(Also, you can get free donuts and / or free fish:

“In honor of Talk Like a Pirate Day on Monday, Sept. 19, the chain is giving away a free glazed donut to every customer who channels their inner Jack Sparrow. As in years past, customers who come dressed in full pirate regalia will get a dozen free donuts. This year, though, they can make a far saner move, and use Krispy Kreme’s Snapchat pirate filter to digitally “dress” like a pirate and get their free dozen.

Krispy Kreme has offered Talk Like a Pirate Day deals since 2012, but this campaign marks the first time the donut chain has worked with Snapchat on a national campaign, according to a press release. Not to be outdone, the seafood chain Long John Silvers is celebrating the day with a free piece of Alaskan Whitefish or chicken for customers who talk like a pirate, and a free 2 piece fish or chicken basket for those who dress like one.”)

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