September morning

September morning in the garden, after rain. Rosa Eglantine, morning glory (which I know many of my neighbors consider a weed, but I love it, even if it does insist on climbing my hydrangea instead of the porch railings), Pinky Winky hydrangea (love that shift of colors as it mixes white and green and pink), dahlia.

img_0748 img_0749 img_0755 img_0760

Sitting on my front porch, tucked up in a blanket with Ellie at my feet, tea in hand, reading SF/F stories for the Survivor anthology, most of which are quite decent (though also many of which are not actually good fits for the anthology as it turns out, which makes the job of choosing between them marginally easier). I’m planning to spend some of the day on reading subs, and the rest of it hanging out with my college roommate Kirsten, who is visiting. Life is good.



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