Chilling and forcing bulbs for the first time (I’ve done paperwhites and amaryllises for years, but they don’t require chilling, so are much simpler). These are fritillaria and muscari — the bulk of the bulbs are going into the garden, but I’m thinking I can do a a little pot of each type to try forcing. I have snowdrops, chionodoxa, daffodils and tulips coming.
We bought a downstairs fridge last winter, which has made entertaining much easier, especially over the holidays, but I think it’ll also have enough room in it for chilling some pots of bulbs. I have potted them up in potting soil, closely spaced but not touching, and watered them well; about to stick them in the fridge.
Any tips? I’m not entirely clear on whether I need to water them periodically in the fridge, and when I start taking them out again…

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