Board Games

Board game night the third, continues great fun, and more effective at getting me to relax for a bit than basically anything. We played Pandemic (probably the fastest, smoothest win I’ve ever had, huzzah), Boggle (I got stomped again, but not QUITE as badly as last week), Ticket to Ride (I won, she said modestly (although to be fair, that was in part because Julie got really unlucky)), and finished up with a quick and satisfying round of Family Business (a mobster game that I’ve had for twenty-five years now, since college). Had lots of fun — thanks to Nara, Craig, Julie, and Kat for coming out. I think the kids had fun too, although it’s nice that they’re now old enough that we can mostly ignore them and they entertain themselves with only a modicum of shrieking. 🙂

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