Cancer log 178: Plastic and mammo

I┬áhad a follow-up meeting with the plastic surgeon today, about two months after the fat-transfer surgery. There were two large lumps of fat in my breast after the surgery; one of them has softened and integrated into the breast, the other hasn’t yet, and he’d like to give it another few months to do so before doing another surgery, if I want to continue.

I could just stop now — it’s definitely improved. But I think I’ll do at least one more, to try to release more of the scar tissue and move a bit more fat over. We’ll check in again in mid-November, see if we want to schedule a second procedure before the end of the year. It’d be nice if I can do the surgery and recovery during the break between semesters; will be easier to manage all around.

The main other cancer thing is that Monday morning upcoming is my 12-month mammogram. We’re mostly expecting it will be fine. But there’s about a 5% chance that it won’t be. I’ll probably be increasingly on edge and cranky for the next few days. Luckily, they give you the results basically right away, and I don’t have to teach again ’til Tuesday. I foresee a lot of comfort tv / reading in my immediate future. Bujold, Pratchett, that sort of thing.

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