Switching Error

After finishing Tremontaine revisions yesterday morning, my brain just refused to switch over to Wild Cards. I’m finding that I have a really hard time switching between worlds; there is a tension between my brain wanting to do all the projects, and my actual ability to immerse in and do a good job with them. To recap, at the moment, I have going:
– Tremontaine (sort of 17th century fantasy-ish)
– Wild Cards (contemporary superhero alternate history)
– my own SF universe (a novel revision, multiple short stories, maybe a comic and/or graphic novel — I’m hesitant to take on the latter, but I think keeping it all in the same universe will help with the immersion issue)
– a memoir about nationalism and poly
– a cancer memoir
– a cancer poetry book
– a cookbook revision
And there are actually a host of other projects that have been shelved in various stages of completion — two entirely-written novels (one mainstream, one fantasy) that may or may not need rewriting, a murder mystery I got a chapter into, a variety of short stories, etc. and so on. There might be a play in there somewhere.
Goal for the fall is to finish off as many things as I can, get them out of my head. If I can get the list down to, say, three main projects, I think that’ll be more manageable. We’ll see. The cookbook is almost done, at least!

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