Just mud…

Oh,oh, oh, we had hoped to get through at least the first day of school without incident. But I did, in fact, get a call from the principal. Apparently, Anand was playing with another kid at recess, and the other kid confirms that they were in fact playing, and not fighting at all, but Anand picked up what he called ‘some mud’ and the principal says was definitely ‘a rock’ and hit the other kid in the head (both still playing), and managed to hit hard enough to raise a goose-egg bump. 


The principal didn’t sound too concerned, but I am now quite worried that Anand will have had all his fears of being ‘bad’ confirmed, and it will just make it harder for him to think positively about school. I’m going to pick him up from the bus in ten minutes; have to figure out how to reassure him that it’s all okay and the adults aren’t mad at him, while simultaneously reinforcing that we should never hit people with things, even if we think it’s just mud.


[now tempted to bang my own head against wall until I raise a goose-egg myself…]

Update:  Okay, he’s home, and seems mostly okay, although a little emotionally labile. Needs some chill time. His account of the incident is that he was holding some mud and sand, and told the other kids that it was poop, which they thought was hilarious, and he was running after them threatening to get poop on them, and they tripped and fell, and the other kid hit his head on the ground and Anand hit his head too, but not as hard. He’s a really honest kid, so I pretty much believe this is his understanding of events, whatever the actual facts of the matter. Trying not to put too much emphasis on it, since it does seem to mostly fall into the standard playground accident category.

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