Mums and asters

Mums and asters added, to brighten the incoming autumn garden. I never used to like mums, because the yellow ones were already so close to brown, and I found them unutterably sad. But then I learned about white and pink mums, and blue and purple asters. When you mix those together with dahlia, autumn sedum, and the last of the phlox,¬†bachelor’s buttons, and coneflowers, it’s a pleasant palette, and edges our sidewalk quite cheerfully.
It’s a messy time in the garden, and I have no time to neaten everything up — but it’s okay, it’s okay. Autumn is messy by its nature, a time for small, unexpected brightnesses, as almost everything in nature begins its inevitable fade to brown and black. (Although speaking of which, I really would like to find some nice red twig dogwood; time to start thinking ahead to the winter garden.)
IMG_0330 IMG_0332 IMG_0333 IMG_0335 IMG_0336

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