Wearing my William Morris bunny leggings. O brave new world, that has such things in’t! It takes very little to make me happy sometimes.
Plan for today: watch an episode of Orphan Black (almost to the end of season 2 now, still excellent), go pick up Anand’s early birthday present (a used iPad mini, which he is just frantic with excitement about, and so he should be — in my day, we played with sticks, and thought ourselves lucky if the sticks weren’t covered in sticky sap), come back and finish Tremontaine ch. 6 revisions, along with a few loads of laundry.
Knock off work at 3, to play board games and have potluck with friends, as part of new commitment to both socialize regularly and do it in a low-key way. I am being very restrained and only making a very limited amount of food, as promised — buttered egg noodles, meatballs (bought pre-made, so just heating them up), a tomato-mozzarella salad. Chips and popcorn and nuts and punch and some of Kavi’s Girl Scout cookies pulled out of the freezer. That’s it! What have I done with myself?

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