Kevin and I had planned to take the children to the beach today, the last weekday before school starts, but they are oddly not up for it. I believe they are going to choose lazing around the house instead, which I do support as a valid life choice. There was some mention of trying bowling or miniature golf, which would be a more low-key (and shorter) expedition, so we’ll see. It’s probably just as well, as I certainly have plenty of work that could be done today. To that end, turning off Facebook for the morning. Plans include: continuing to read Ta-Nehisi Coates’s _Between the World and Me_ (which I am having to take in small doses, as it is dense and heartbreaking), finishing (?) my Wild Cards story revision, continuing to read Survivor subs (making progress, I swear, but there are a LOT of them), puttering in the garden.

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