Reasonable Plans

I am home, and have an unscheduled day, and I kind of want to do ALL THE THINGS, but I am also recovering from a cold, which mostly means my sleep has been really disturbed for several nights due to much coughing (despite propping myself up semi-upright on kazillion pillows). So I am kind of bone-tired. But I want to garden and swim and unpack and revise for hours and hours and…

…will readjust expectations to what I can realistically accomplish, and try to take it a little easy, so I don’t start the semester’s teaching tomorrow already wiped out. That would not set things up well.

Plan for today: Swing by kids’ camp to pick up the birthday present we bought Anand (a used animation studio set-up, because he spent obsessive hours and hours doing Lego animations this summer, a real creative outlet for him), also grocery store to get a few things (and maybe a FEW mums, because my will is weak). Kevin teaches today, so I have to be here this afternoon, since the kids aren’t in school ’til next week, but I do want to get my nails done nicely for first week of classes, so may swing by and do that.

Then home; at noon a pair of high school students (Roy and Jack) are coming by to do some weeding for us, re-do the dates in my syllabi and print them, because that has to be done before tomorrow. Then I’ll be spending the rest of the afternoon working on writing. A tiny bit of Tremontaine revision, because Racheline asked so nicely, and then hopefully making serious in-roads on the Wild Cards story revision. I’m guessing George is going to be too tired to look at it today anyway, so I have another day or two before he starts pestering me for it, but if I can get it in BEFORE he starts pestering, that would be better. I would like George to think of me as one of his GOOD writers. A steady, reliable type, that’s me. 🙂

There is, of course, a ton of post-WorldCon chatter going on, and it’s tempting to spend the day just hanging out on Facebook and Twitter. But I will be strong. Or rather, I will let the Self Control program be strong for me — I’m going to post my last few WorldCon pics, and then I’m turning off Facebook ’til dinnertime. New patterns for the fall semester — daily exercise, much less FB, much less tv, more reading, more family time. Heck, I might even try to use that intradental brush my dentist keeps telling me is better than flossing. What the heck. Fix all the things.

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