Slipping schedule…

Couldn’t sleep ’til about 2 last night, despite NyQuil, so ended up watching a movie Netflix recommended, High Strung, which was quite enjoyable if you like that genre of dance movie with a completely standard rich girl / poor boy plot, which I do. Great dancing, great music. They did totally drop one minor plotline, but they managed to incorporate Irish dance along with the classical ballet and hip-hop, so I forgive them. And I did like that the rich girl at the conservatory wasn’t actually rich, but a scholarship student; nice little twist.
Overslept as a result this morning, and ended up 15 minutes late to my conference call after rushing the kids to camp, sigh. And I was kind of a mess on the call — this cold means that I have both a muddled brain and no emotional fortitude. Any gentle and reasonable request for revision kind of makes me want to burst into tears right now, because it is more work, and also, it seems like much, much more work than it probably actually is. (Sorry, co-writers!) They were all very nice and understanding of my verklemptness, thankfully.
It’ll all be okay. My plan for the afternoon is to return an urgent phone call, go out and get some cash for the high school boys who are here weeding because I am still too sick to do it myself, come back and do a last load of laundry before my trip, get groceries and pick up the kids from camp, revise what I can of chapter 6 and send it in, and then not think about Tremontaine again until the 26th — *after* my Wild Cards revisions are done, and the semester is properly started. I’ve blocked out a day for it then, when I can hopefully finish the bulk of the edits on chapters 6 and 11.
All of…everything…has meant pushing the novel revisions further out than I’d hoped. I mean, I *could* get them done during WorldCon? It’s possible. But I want to finish reading Survivor subs then, so instead, aim for first week of September. Which is okay — I have no external deadline on that, just an internal one. I had hoped to have it done before the semester started, but that was more for my own peace of mind than anything else. So revised plan — finish novel revisions in early September, send to agent Russ. Make Survivor anthology the priority for September / October? Also work on cookbook revision. I had hoped to have the little chapbook of cancer poems, Perennial, ready in time for Christmas, but that may not happen — we’ll see.
And somehow I’ve gone from talking about the scheduling of the next few hours to the scheduling of the next several months. Oh well — that’s just how my brain is working right now, I guess.

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