In theory, I’m drafting a several thousand word Tremontaine chapter today (it’s outlined). In practice, I slept not nearly enough, after getting home @ midnight, getting the kids to bed, having trouble falling asleep and then being woken by early morning phone calls, and I have not yet started writing.
There’s not a lot of room to slip this deadline, as we have a conference call to discuss it on Tuesday (and my co-editors need to read my draft before the call), but I think, realistically speaking, I probably will end up writing half of it today, in between washing loads of laundry from the trip and unpacking, and the other half early Monday morning.
We’ll see — maybe energy will return. Maybe I should take a nap. The cold has turned into a hacking cough, and I would really prefer to not get sick quite so often, universe. I have things to do.

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