Perhaps someone should have warned me to segregate the squash. Admittedly, if I had actually paid any attention to the vegetable garden in the last two months, everything might not have grown together in such mad exuberance, but the question is, how do I extricate the other vegetables now? I may have to rely on Anand (who *loves* picking veggies, it turns out) for nimble access.

IMG_8233 IMG_8837 IMG_8841 IMG_8842

One thought on “Squashy”

  1. Same problem here! The zucchini plants are going nuts, and it is so tough to find the tomatoes, beans that share the same bed. Facing a similar issue with our cucumber vines too. They are so dense that I am finding it a challenge to find cucumbers under all that foliage. 🙂

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