From the Trees

I’ve finished my responsibilities for this workshop, and am now free until 4 p.m., when we head to the airport. Most people are still in crits, but mine are done, and I’ve tucked myself into a little gazebo in the adjoining woods. It smells of cedar, and is shady and cool under the trees, with a little balcony that overlooks the undergrowth, and I am tempted to stay here forever.
I’m not saying that I would necessarily write better books in a magical space like this than I would at my local coffeeshop or in my own basement…but I think maybe I would. I’m not sure this is the best place for plotting intense action scenes, but for delving deep into underlying themes, for delineating the precise and nuanced texture of the world….maybe.
I need a new title for my book. Sam suggested the name of the planet, Kriti. I kind of love it, but also kind of worry that I’ve used that word too much already, since we did the Kriti Festival. Kriti means creation, and is apropos to what I’m hoping will be the start of this young woman’s journey. Pondering. Other title suggestions welcome, from those who have been reading my drafts.
I’m not sure what I’m going to work on now. It’s tempting to dive into the book again, but I’ve also just sent it out for e-mail feedback from people, and I think I should perhaps let the feedback percolate for a bit. Am very happy that they are pleased with the overall structure and plot, that all the suggestions are on the tweaking level. VERY HAPPY. I have written a novel that basically works. I think I’m going to have to sit for that for a little while before I believe it.
I think I’m going to go back to reading Survivor subs, which I’m hoping to finish in the next 2-3 weeks, for those impatiently waiting (thank you for your patience!); I’d like to have at least the first pass completed before the semester starts. And then there are some Jaggery and SLF things to take care of. We’re going to open to submissions for Jaggery again tomorrow, for those who are wondering; apologies for the delay, but we’ve had a change of managing editors, and in general, could use more staff. More on that shortly.
Okay, to work. These woods are lovely, dark and deep, but I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep…

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