Bird and Flower

This house we’re visiting has a plethora of bird feeders, and for the last two hours, I’ve been sitting and working on a shaded porch, watching the birds go nuts, listening to their songs. I can’t name them all, but there are blue one and bright yellow ones and red-headed ones along with lots of browns and grey and blacks. It’s just so vibrant and full of life. Our back deck is too sunny to be comfortable sitting on for long (and hard to see the computer screen), but our front porch is a great place to work; I think I want to figure out where I can tuck a stand into the front yard, one that I can hang with multiple different bird feeders.
Also, we have a pergola over the back deck, but the roses I planted are very very slow to climb it, and I think may not have been the best choice. Maybe I should move the wisteria over there? What would you recommend for fast-growing, shade-providing? Kevin had suggested hops, and I’m not a fan of yellow generally, but I do think the flowers are pretty, so I’m considering that seriously now.

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