Delighted to note that my Star Trek tribute essay, “This is Our Work,” will be published in Uncanny Magazine.

Also delighted to note that my story “Firestarter” is now available in the anthology _Myriad Lands_. I hope y’all like it; it’s set in a sort of steampunk-ish Sri Lanka-ish land, in the same world as the YA fantasy novel I have sitting in a drawer. (I wrote the novel at a time when the market was sadly glutted with YA fantasy, post-Hunger Games, so am waiting for a better time to really push it; if I don’t find a publisher for it in a few years, I’ll probably crowd fund it then.)
“Mina ducked her head as another fireball whizzed past, just a few feet away, missing their precarious position on the bridge and drowning in the water beyond. Ducking her head was likely pointless, but she wasn’t able to help herself. Instinct, to duck when someone was throwing things at you. But having her head two inches lower wasn’t going to save her from the enemy’s fire-throwing– for that, she had to rely on her partner’s weapons skill.
Uma sat behind Mina, straddling the war-elephant’s broad back, a musket in one hand, two pistols on the belt that spanned her wide, sari-skirted hips. She didn’t fire often – given the freedom fighters’ limited supply of precious bluestone, Uma couldn’t afford to just fire wildly at the royal troops who flew their garudas high overhead….”

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