Almost there

Heading in to doctor for surgery follow-up. After that, desperately needed grocery shop (we are out of milk! and bread! and all the kinds of oil! eep.), and then I think I’m going to stick myself in an air-conditioned cafe (it is hot here!) and do a couple of hours writing on Tremontaine. I have got to get this revision done and in — for whatever reason, I’ve been impossibly slow on it. Also quick revision on Star Trek essay for Uncanny (they accepted it, yay!).
And then I really am going to take a full week’s break from writing, dammit. I’ve been trying to get to that point for weeks now, and an array of medical and other circumstances keep pushing it off, further and further into the distance… But I really think I need to clear my head before diving into novel revisions in two weeks after workshop.

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