I love how many people walk down our street; it just makes me happy, saying hello two dozen times on a Saturday morning while I do half an hour of weeding and deadheading. One person asked if she could pet my dog (Ellie was leashed in the yard, because she likes to watch the world go by while I work in the garden), and someone asked what locals called the strip I was gardening by the side of the road, explaining that he was from Vegas, where they called it the devil’s strip. (It’s usually parkway around here, though I tend to use hellstrip.) It’s just…nice. Neighborly. (None of them were playing Pokemon, for a wonder. 🙂 )


Mostly this morning (along with the never-ending weeding) I was giving a haircut to various plants that had gotten scorched during our last heat wave — took all the brown, crispy leaves off the big hostas, used diagonal cuts on the browned tips of the iris and lily leaves. It all looks fresher now, happier. Pictured here, bottom right circling clockwise left and up: daylily, pinks and creeping charlie, summer beauty allium, hosta, achillea, coneflower, Russian sage.

First Stargazer (I think) lily of the season, with phlox and ageratum behind.


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