I keep thinking about how Anand is getting more and more brown, as the summer goes on, and how normally, I would be happy about that, to see my son approach my skin color. It’s a nice color. That should be the only thing worth saying about it.
So far today, I’ve read quite a lot of Facebook, where thankfully, most of my feed is full of appropriate anger and misery and attempts to understand and strategize. That’s hard enough to deal with this week; I honestly don’t know what I’d do if I had to deal with obnoxiousness and obliviousness and racism instead. Thank you.
Then, because deadlines exist, I wrote another two thousand words of my story that’s due, out on the new patio, enjoying the pleasant breeze.  And then took a break with Jed and went to Luurs and picked up various plants, mostly little shade annuals to add color to the new bed. Coleus is so pretty, and so varied.
Now back at home, had some soup, and settling in for another thousand words or so. Then Jed is going to teach me and Kavi and maybe Kevin how to play Dominion. And then another thousand words to finish the story, and I send it off to George, only a week or so late, with thanks for the extension.
Between personal health issues and the terrible events of this last week, it has been hard to concentrate on writing, or even just on being happy. Trying to post useful things, when I can. Taking refuge in family and the garden, as much as I can.

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