Spicy Honey-Lime Grilled Brussels Sprouts

(served here with tandoori chicken and saffron-sultana basmati rice)

Microwaving the sprouts in advance (thanks, Alton Brown, for the idea) results in tender deliciousness.

(30 minutes, serves 8)

1 lb. Brussels sprouts, stem end removed

1 T vegetable oil

2 T ginger-garlic paste (or 1 T each minced ginger and garlic)

1 t. dry mustard

1/2 t. raw red chili powder

1 t. salt

1 t. honey

2 T lime juice

1. Heat grill to medium.


2. Microwave Brussels sprouts in large bowl on high for three minutes.

3. Mix together oil, ginger-garlic paste, dry mustard, chili powder, salt, and black pepper; add to sprouts and toss to combine.


4. Let cool until you can comfortably handle them, then skewer four to five Brussels sprouts onto metal skewers, leaving a little space in between each sprout. Reserve oil mixture.


5. Place skewers on grill, cover and cook for five minutes. Turn the skewers over and continue to cook for another five minutes.


6. Add honey and lime juice to remaining oil mixture in bowl, stirring well to combine. Drizzle sauce over skewered sprouts; serve hot.


Note: Works best if sprouts are roughly the same size.


(Conveniently, if you marinate chicken thighs in tandoori paste and yogurt a few hours in advance, you can grill them at exactly the same time as the brussels sprouts, 5 minutes on a side. So for this, my sequence was set chicken marinating around lunchtime (using store-bought tandoori paste), then at dinner time, prep brussels sprouts, start rice, grill sprouts and chicken, ready about when rice is ready, 30 minutes active cooking time. Takes some coordination to cook in two places, though, so you might want to have someone else watch the rice if you’re grilling outdoors.

It was a slightly dry combination (despite the moistness of the chicken), so I ended up adding a dollop of yogurt mixed with a bit of honey and lime, which made it PERFECT. But I forgot to photograph that bit.)

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