Date Night

Date night part 1: “Uncorked” at the Oak Park Conservatory, a once-a-month evening event. Food from Q BBQ, drinks from Marion Street, live music. Very pleasant, would do again. It runs from 6-8, and they sold out around 7, so come on the earlier side if interested. Next one will be July 22, I think; tickets sold only at the door. Fun for a date, or with friends, esp. friends who like plants. 🙂

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Conservatories are fun places for taking selfies. 🙂 There would be more photos of Kevin if he weren’t photo-averse. I heroically restrained myself.

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Date night part II felt very meta, as we ended up at Connolly’s Pub, me a Sri Lankan, Kevin of partial Scottish descent, mostly talking through plot points for my novel, which features a world populated by a mixed desi-Celtic human population (plus some aliens). I think we might have fixed a major issue in the book. It was also a good venue for date night — conducive to intimate conversation, esp. since we were there on the earlier side, before it got too busy and loud, and offering plenty of tasty food and drink. 

I had Magner’s cider on tap, and we shared chicken pot pie and shepherd’s pie for dinner. (Took most of it home, as we were pretty full by that point, but it was tasty, and we’ll enjoy it more tomorrow.) Connolly’s has had a tough time, opening their restaurant just as construction started across the street — so, locals, I recommend it unto you. I’d like to see them stick around.

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Raised a glass to you, tonight, U.K., over chips with Irish curry. A hard day, with more hard days to come, I fear. Wishing you well from across the water.


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