Cancer log 171: Trim

Are oncologists the only doctors who fret when you lose weight? Mine just noted that I’m ‘looking pretty trim,’ and checked back over her records to note that yes, I’ve lost about 20 pounds since starting cancer treatment in Feb 2015, and wanted to check that my appetite was good and I was eating well. I reassured her that all is well, that some of that was due to chemo, and then there were some deliberate weight loss efforts this past spring. But in fact, I stopped doing that about two months ago (mostly too busy to put in the effort / time, and requiring willpower for getting writing done), and have been holding steady on weight since. So all is well. But it’s just a funny kind of conversation to have with a doctor, in my experience, after twenty years of them telling me I ought to lose weight.
She also told me my hair looked really cute today, so y’all get a selfie. Did I mention that I am very fond of my oncologist? I am very fond of her, for a multitude of reasons. I put product in my hair, basically just for her, because otherwise, it has been looking very fuzzy Aunt Flo this summer, as I slop around the house in shorts and tank tops, muttering to myself about my novel, or puttering in my garden.

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