Mend and Move

Morning, folks. Today Temo is here, our contractor’s handyman, and he is going to fix all the little broken things that have been driving me nuts. About 2-3 times / year, he comes for a day, and makes everything better. It’s like a grown-up magician.
On his list for today: replace the broken hinges the children yanked off the cabinet door (not on purpose), repair and paint the gouges in the hallway the children inflicted (probably on purpose, sigh, sometimes I don’t know what they’re thinking), try to secure my drip hose for the hanging baskets so it doesn’t just spurt off and spray water everywhere, replace my broken hose divider, move the big forsythia shrub in preparation for putting down a small back patio next week (exciting), replace the second story screen window that popped out in the big windstorm a few weeks ago. Whew.
We could do some of the tasks, but they’d take us 2-3 times as long, and wouldn’t be done as well in the end. Happy to be able to afford to hire skilled labor, and it’s always nice to see Temo again. He approves of what I’ve done with the basement in the last several months, which makes me happy — he built a lot of this house, so it’s always pleasing when he approves of what we’re doing with it. 🙂
While he’s working on that, I’m going to be trying to write the last chapter of Part II of the SF novel. Big confrontation scene — lots of dialogue, lots of people shouting at each other, I think, and possibly some fisticuffs. Turning off Facebook for the morning — will check back in at lunchtime. Hoping to be done by 2; we’ll see how it goes.

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