Father’s Day

Just a quick Father’s Day note that I’ve been lucky, and I know it. My dad, Kevin’s dad, and Kevin himself have all been pretty great dads. Bonus points to Jed, who is not a dad, per se, but does a lot of dad-like things for my kids and other kids. Doing the work means you get the credit too.

It’s not easy, especially when the goalposts for what it means to be a great dad are constantly being revised, as we move towards a less sexist, more just society. (The unexamined life is not worth living?) And I’m over here relentlessly posting about ‪#‎emotionallabor‬ and just general ‪#‎domesticlabor‬ which I’m sure gets a little tiring sometimes. 

But I’ve been impressed with how much thought all four have them have put in to continuing to interrogate their own privilege (in their own ways), and how much hard work they do, including actively refusing privileges society keeps pushing on them, to make a better life for their children (and other people’s children).

Thanks, guys. Today, you get cookies. Tomorrow, you might end up baking them. 🙂

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