Write and garden, garden and write

Turning off internet again for the day. Plan: write for an hour, finish assembling sandbox and fill with sand, divide some perennials (I know it’s the wrong time of year, but it’s cool and overcast today, and my Walker’s Low should’ve been divided in the spring; it’s making the path hard to walk on) and replant, move a rose and two irises to better locations, plant a different rose and two new irises, write some more, plant some vinca ground cover, fill out the hanging baskets with some verbena and super petunias (replacing spring plants that couldn’t take the summer heat), write some more, pick up the kids @ 3, get them to help me clean out and refill the pool. Also, do weeding. Kavi is a good weeder; Anand, not so much. Finish reading _All the Birds in the Sky_. Writing goal: 4000 words. We’ll see.

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