Garden in June


That’s *one* Rozanne geranium. Splendid!

IMG_7310 IMG_7311

It’s clematis time: I’m afraid I can’t remember what this is called; I like it best in its early stage, as shown here, when it’s a pink; it fades to a very pale purple as it finishes opening.


Jackmanii has burst into profuse bloom, twining with the white rose, Darlow’s Enigma, on our garden gate.

IMG_7304 IMG_7305

I didn’t plan on the Jackmanii clematis growing down to mix with the astilbe, and I’m not going to leave it that way, or the astilbe will get choked, but for the moment, it’s lovely.


Penstemon Husker Red, sea holly, alyssum with the children’s favorite, artemisia (they love how soft it is when petted), and see how the lamium / dead nettle has burst into happy ground cover bloom, at the foot of our pansy pot.  It really deserves a better common name than dead nettle!

IMG_7308 IMG_7309  IMG_7314 IMG_7316

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