Date night

Date night at Citrine, new local restaurant. Not sure we’ll be back — it was good, but similar type of food to Marion Street, and notably pricier. If we’re going to pay these prices, there’s a nice romantic restaurant in Forest Park that we like better. The little casserole pot they served the entree in did make me laugh, though. And I hadn’t had ravioli with a liquid-y egg cooked inside it before; tasty, and I imagine a little tricky to pull off.
We ended the night in the hammock, staring up at a crescent moon that happened to be rather perfectly placed for hammock-view. I like having down-time with Kevin; there has not been enough of it, this last several years. Too often we’re just talking about logistics, and we do that pretty well. But it’s nice to have a little time to talk of other things. Maybe weekly date night isn’t such a bad idea. Although I think the next time might be hot dogs and a long walk instead of a fancy dinner.
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