Somehow a little too exhausted still to generate new words, but spent an hour moving over material from the old draft to the new, re-organizing and making notes on the outline, cutting one unnecessary scene (I may salvage a single paragraph out of it). Up to 48,360 words. Aiming for at least 80,000 (a full draft, hopefully) by June 15th.
Paragraph I still like: “How many hours had it been since breakfast? Maya hated to admit it – it shouldn’t matter when thousands had died – but her body’s demands were insistent; she was hungry. Hungry and dirty – without hot water, she hadn’t been able to get her hands really clean; flecks of dried blood still clung under the nails. Her clothes were filthy. Maya felt grimy all over, hot and sweaty from the walk, which was really more of a climb, as broken rubble blocked the street over and over, and she’d had to either shift it or climb over it – sometimes both. A trickle of sweat dripped down her spine, and more had collected under her breasts. There was something wrong with the environmental controls; even the sky looked wrong.”

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