Herceptin and tea

At hospital, waiting for Herceptin. I think I have about seven more of these? It’ll be a relief when it’s done. I had a bit of a worrying rash, so after the Herceptin, my surgical oncologist will take a look at it, and if she doesn’t like what she sees, will do a punch biopsy to confirm it’s nothing. It’s almost certainly nothing, since the cortisone cream seems to be reducing it, slowly. But when you’ve had cancer, they pay careful attention to every little thing. I’m hoping to be done with all that by 11 — we’ll see. I’m almost done with my Tremontaine revisions, so I’ll be finishing those up while I get my infusion. That’s the plan, anyway.

Today’s a busy day — it’s the Oak Park Garden Club’s annual tea, so when I’m done here, I go home and quickly make sandwiches to contribute. I did the duxelles last night, so they’re ready to spread on bread, and I’m hoping to have time to also do Sri Lankan ribbon sandwiches; we’ll see. That goes from 1 – 3, and then home to meet the kids, rest a bit (maybe nap!), and then prep for writing workshop this evening @ 7.

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