Perennial Chapbook

Just a quick note that given time constraints and wanting to do a good job, I won’t have this chapbook ready at WisCon. I have four poems illustrated (see post from last night), but several more that I’d like to illustrate. I’m resetting my own deadline for July 1. On the plus side, this means that instead of printing it up at Kinko’s, I’m going to do it a little more nicely, with a cover and ISBN and everything, the kind of thing you can order at Amazon. Thanks to all who supported the project so far — there are two more days on the Indiegogo campaign, and if I make it to $500, I’d like to spend half of that on hiring a designer to help me make the tiny book beautiful. (I know how to do book layout, but designers do it better.) The other half of the funds will go towards printing and shipping books to campaign backers.

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