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One could be forgiven for thinking all I do is garden, given the recent spate of garden photos here — it’s mostly because of the run-up to WisCon this weekend and the art show there, as I’m prepping photos and other materials.  There are other aspects to my life — this morning, for example, I sorted out both the messy ‘school stuff’ corner next to the microwave *and* the winter shoes and scarves and such, preparing for summer and a different set of family needs.  Yes, I know, my life — super-exciting.

I’m about to go offline for the day, though, so I can concentrate on the novel — goal for today, 3000 words.  With a June 15 deadline (for submitting to the novel workshop I agreed to do), and a little under 40,000 words in hand, I’m going to need to crank if I’m going to make it in time.  It should be do-able, though if I don’t get a goodly amount done before WisCon (i.e., today and tomorrow), then I’m going to have to draft about 4000 words / day for the two weeks after WisCon.  Which can be done, in theory, especially since the book is plotted out, but that’s assuming I don’t run into any road mines along the way.

Also on the docket for today — buying groceries and cooking some Sri Lankan food, as I have been eating too much Western food lately, in an attempt to diet.  (Per goal of getting to ‘not overweight’ this summer, as it increases the risk of the cancer coming back.)   This low-key dieting has been slowly working for me (about a half-pound / week), mostly because I just don’t like Western food as well, and so I don’t want to eat that much of it.  Whereas a nice plate of rice and curry kind of makes me want seconds, and possibly thirds.  But I get super-cranky if I go too long without Sri Lankan food, and I can feel myself starting to hit my limits.  I think beef curry, kale salad, lemon-masala mushrooms, and roasted beets are in my near future.  Also maybe a fish curry, as Ben is arriving tomorrow, and doesn’t eat beef.

Today I also try to finalize whatever art I’m bringing to the art show, list it all, with prices, and send in my control sheets actually before the convention.  Not as far before the convention as I was supposed to, though, and I owe a big apology to Tahlia for that — I just *couldn’t*.  I’m trying to figure out what to do about party supplies — I was going to get samosas and sweets at Tahoora on Thursday, on our way up, but a) that will add time to an already long drive, and b) the Tahoora samosas are kind of huge and not that party-friendly.  I’m wondering if I should swing by Pete’s and get the frozen cocktail samosas instead.  If I bake them Thursday morning, and then put them in a cooler, they should still be okay for a Friday night party, right?  I’m honestly not sure what the best way is to manage those, given my lack of an oven / fridge at Wiscon itself.

And finally, probably this evening, I need to get the vegetable garden in the ground, and ask Kevin to promise with all his heart that he will water it daily while I’m gone.  This is the first year we’re doing a serious veggie garden, beyond just cherry tomatoes and herbs; we’ll see how it goes.  Fingers crossed.  (Oh look, I came back around to gardening again.  I guess it’s just the season.)

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