I can’t quite figure out what to do with these. My original thought was to do a chapbook of cancer poems, and I still want to do that (thanks again to those who donated in support). Some of the poems are garden-ish, so I’ve been working on garden-themed illustrations for those four.

I was thinking I’d scan those images in for the chapbook, then mat these, and have the originals for sale at the con. But I have a fair bit of work already for WisCon, between photo prints and┬ádried botanicals. Should I hang these four as well? I can’t tell if these are any good at all; I’m too new to drawing to be able to judge my own work right now.

I’m also not sure, realisitically, that I’ll have time to have the chapbook done well before I leave for WisCon. I’ve been having some trouble with the layout issues. I’ll take another stab at it in the morning, when my brain is less fuzzy.crocusdetailillo snowdropsillo solarizationillo solsticeillo tornado

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