Plan for today: Do all the things.

No, not really. But there’s this weird tension with academic summers, where on the one hand, you could lie in bed and watch tv all day, and on the other hand, you’re intensely aware that the hours of unscheduled time are slipping away, so you (or at least I) try to pack as much in as possible, while all the while reminding yourself that you should also relax. RELAX! Yeah, that’s effective.
What I’d like to do today:
– put away laundry (done, because I couldn’t sleep and got up early, sigh)
– spend an hour weeding while it’s still cool and before the kids get up
– get the kids up and dressed and fed and to school; eat breakfast
– work on the novel from 7:30 – 9:30
– get the car washed and the seats laundered (desperately needed)
– go into campus to adjust two grades, have tea with a colleague, check on a reimbursement (can relax while on the train, reading something fun)
– go to the gym and swim for a while (this is actually reasonably relaxing)
– work on the novel from 1 – 3
– say hi to the kids when they come home, go out and plant the veggies in the garden
– work on WisCon art show illustrations in the evening, while Kavi is doing homework
– dinner and relaxing in the evening
It all seems reasonable when I lay it out like that, but there are inevitably slippages. Sigh. Will even half of that actually get done? We’ll see.

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