Despite twenty years as a working writer, it makes me totally nervous to claim that my photography is also art — imposter syndrome is real, folks. SIGH. Will people want a little bit of my garden up on their wall? No idea.

Kavi likes them, so at least I have the 9-year-old vote of confidence.

The print order showed up from Overnight Prints, and I’m happy with what they did. Nice 5×7’s, suitable for framing or mailing as postcards. Planning on selling at WisCon for $2 each, 3 for $4.50, $12 for 12 assorted. We’ll see if anyone actually wants to buy them — if not, I foresee relatives getting packs of these as Christmas presents. smile emoticon The trouble with having an ‘artsy’ relative — I’m sure they’d prefer a nice Starbucks gift card. Oh well.


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