Three more weeks

We took the kids out of school last week for Disneyland + family wedding. Since returning, Anand has:
– on Monday, gotten into trouble with his teacher repeatedly (for things like crawling around on the floor, interrupting her a lot, falling out of his chair, failing to queue up properly for lunch, etc.)
– on Tuesday, climbed the library shelves and was lucky not to pull them down on his head (the school called to assure us that there was a teacher standing RIGHT next to him at the time, so the problem wasn’t a lack of supervision, and we said, oh yes, we know exactly where the problem was)
– on Wednesday, gotten into *lots* of trouble with the substitute teacher
Anand says that it’s because it’s been so long since he was in school that he’s forgotten how he’s supposed to behave. Uh huh. And yet he can remember every single tiny detail of what he needs to make the fanciest swords in his Terraria video game. It is now exactly three weeks until the end of school — I think we, and his teachers, are going to be counting the days.
Kids mature a lot over the summer, right? RIGHT?
(Kavya, for the record, has had a seamless re-entry to school.)

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