I worked on my cancer poetry chapbook for a while today, editing the poems, taking out a few that were tangential. I was wondering whether anyone actually would want such a book, or if people would just find the whole idea depressing. But a friend I was discussing it with said that actually, people like to give that sort of thing, books from survivors, to people who have been diagnosed with cancer. Which makes sense. My poems aren’t exactly rah-rah inspirational or anything, but I think they do lean more hopeful than not. I read them all out loud today, while editing, and while I tend to be hyper-critical of my poetry for some reason, I do think these are not bad.

Over a $100 raised so far towards the $500 I’d hoped to raise for the book; if I don’t get the whole amount, I’ll still do it, but the printing will be a bit simpler to keep it in budget. It’d be nice to do it up v. pretty, though. We’ll see how it goes — two more days.

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