My mother asked if I would please color my hair black for this family wedding we have next week, and she doesn’t ask very much of me these days, so after some resistance, I finally said yes. Honestly, I’m a little weirded out by it — after so many years of being grey (or, as we like to say, silver), it’s totally disconcerting to have this big heavy mass of *black* on top of my head. The contrast between that and my skin seems over-dramatic.
Kevin and Lori (whom I was writing with yesterday) assure me that my hair really did look like this, for many years, and I guess they’re true, but I’m experiencing some cognitive dissonance. Anyway, it’s temporary — it should all wash out in a month or two, and will be lightening again even before that. But I guess it’s sort of amusing for now. 🙂IMG_4832

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  1. I began greying in my early 30s, unsurprisingly (Dad greyed early too, and I take after him in almost EVERY way possible). The first (and only) time I got my hair colored, I asked my stylist to leave some grey in there, just so it would look natural.

    Anyway, in a few weeks’ time, your hair will also be a happy mix of black and silver, I guess.

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