Plan for today: Writing retreat. I’m heading out momentarily to set up shop in a little apartment, and do a deep dive into plotting (and hopefully drafting) the next section of the novel. I may end up pacing the space and talking to myself.
It’s kind of an interrupted-style retreat, as I have a meeting with my independent study student @ 10, and a haircut (desperately needed, and the only time I could schedule it) @ 1:30, but that’s okay, I think, since I need breaks between writing anyway, or my fingers start to hurt.
Planning to come home around 5:15, ice sugar cookies with the kids (we’re giving their teachers homemade apple-shaped cookies for teacher appreciation week) and give them dinner, then turn them over to Kev and go back to the apartment for a few more hours of writing this evening. A little choppy, but should still work out to about eight solid hours of writing time. And maybe I’ll be able to think about my book during the haircut. 🙂
I have the space until 11:30 tomorrow, so the plan is work on SF novel stuff today (and finish revisions to a short story, hopefully), and then Tremontaine tomorrow — read the other outlines that have come in, in preparation for a conference call on Sat., as well as the backstory piece that Tessa wrote. Lots of sword fighting in, should be fun!
Turning off Facebook for 24 hours now, to avoid distraction. Have a good day, folks!

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