Teacher for a Day

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week, so it seemed a good time to present a story by Kavya Whyte:  Teacher for a Day.

Bang, crash, slam!  The lockers are closing and still no sign of Ms. Peronto!  We entered the class and saw a note left on the board.  I went over and read it; it said, “Dear class, I have quit!”  I decided not to tell the principal, so we had a vote, and I won, so I became teacher for a day!

First, we had extra recess; it was fun, except for when Amirah and Peter accidentally skateboarded into a tree, and knocked that bird out of the tree, which made the bird die, which meant lots of blood, which meant we had to get the janitor, which meant recess was over.

Next we had science; I taught them how to mix chemicals!  Everything was going smoothly till Desmond mixed dynamite with fire and blew up the class, which I had to pay for, which is SO unfair!

Finally, it was music!  I didn’t need to teach music!  But when I came back there were no instruments left! They had all been destroyed.

It was fun being teacher for a day, but I don’t think they’ll be letting me be teacher for a day again anytime soon, ’cause that day was DEFINITELY a disaster; I mean they ruined literally everything!  Even recess!  I mean, how do you mess up recess?!

The End

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