Nap? Not yet.

Last class done, reimbursements filed, grading picked up, office cleaned for the summer. Bye, campus — see you again in August.

The temptation is to go nap on my beautifully sunny porch, but I still need to pick up Anand from soccer, revise and submit a story, answer some urgent e-mails, and get some plants in the ground. And tomorrow, I have a swim lesson, advanced fiction students coming to the house for a writing day / end-of-semester party, and I want to get through a bunch of the Survivor anthology work. Thurs / Fri / Sat are busy too.

I think can take Wed. off (though there’s writing workshop and Kavi’s last Brownie meeting of the year in the evening) during the day, and I think I should. A little bit of rest to celebrate the end of the semester, before diving full force into summer projects. I will try not to feel too guilty about the day off. 🙂

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