Mini-retreat progress report. Went to Airbnb this morning, and between 8-10 a.m., cranked out revision on a story that’s been languishing for many months. Sent it to new set of first readers. Am hopeful that they like it, in which case, I’ll be submitting it to Strange Horizons for their Our Queer Planet special issue; the deadline is this Saturday. If they don’t like it — hmm….not sure I have anything else appropriate right now. So fingers crossed.
10 – 2, went in to campus, taught my classes, stopped back at home to pick up tea and lunch, and now I’m back at the Airbnb. I have two hours until I need to pick up the kids at 4; I’m going to spend it on e-mail, not writing, because I am perilously behind on e-mail and it’s been stressing me out, esp. Jaggery stuff. Need to run The Email Game and catch up. I really do want to try to run it weekly; otherwise, I just procrastinate and fall behind again.
After I pick up the kids, I’m home with them for a bit, ’til Kevin gets home — I’ll get their dinner prepped, hopefully plant two ground cover roses (“The Fairy”) in the hellstrip, and water the yard.
Then I’m planning to come back to the Airbnb for one last stretch of writing this evening; we’ll see if that actually happens. If not, or really, either way, I’ll be back early tomorrow morning. I have nothing scheduled tomorrow, so that’s my long writing day; today is more about doing what I can in small chunks. I have the space until 8 p.m. tomorrow; we’ll see how it goes.

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