Cancer log 166: Belatedly

(I actually wrote this March 31, but forgot to post it here.  Oops.)

I don’t mean this to be a chronicle of unmitigated woe, but this morning I woke to a slightly improved cough, but also chills and shaking. Stupid cold/flu thing. Then I forgot my iPad, with the games I usually use to make the time pass faster in chemo. I almost turned back, but just wanted to get this over with. Used valet parking at the hospital for the first time since starting treatment, because I just couldn’t face walking over from the parking lot. Freezing, but at least I thought to grab a to-go cup of Campbell’s chicken-and-stars, which does help. And I have a smartphone, to help the time pass. Soon I’ll be in the chair and they’ll cover me in warm blankets. Small blessings.

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