Sick days

Feeling grateful for job benefits that explicitly say we can take a sick day if our child is sick. I might not need to, and I’ll try to avoid it, but it’s good to have the option. All parents should have that option. At UIC, you can also use sick days to care for other sick relatives, like a spouse or parent. I don’t think Kevin actually ended up using any to take care of me during my cancer treatment last year; we were able to work procedures, etc. around his teaching. But it was such a relief, knowing he had that option.
Kavya and Anand are still sleeping right now, at 7:30; usually they’re up by 6. Kavi was sent home sick yesterday, and was crying last night trying to fall asleep because her stomach was hurting. I got her to sleep eventually, after reading her the first chapter of A Wrinkle in Time (which I now think is still a little old for her, and we’ll likely put it aside for another year or two) and singing her some songs. Poor munchkin. I’m hoping they’ll both be up and chipper soon, in which case, I’ll just take them in late, since I don’t teach ’til 11 today. But it’s lovely to not be pushing them to get up and dressed, or scrambling to find a daytime sitter right now.

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